My daughter was the very first student at Miss Molly's Preschool, and it was a wonderful experience!  Molly brings her years of experience as an elementary school teacher, combined with her genuine love of children, to everything she does in her school.  And it shows!  My daughter was an advanced reader at a very young age and flourished with Molly providing her with the challenges she needed.  She also provides plenty of fresh air and fun activities for all the kids.  Your children learn both academics and socialization skills through play and nurturing.  Molly and her family are now part of our family!  I highly recommend Miss Molly’s Preschool!


Scottsdale, AZ 

My son attended Miss Molly's preschool for over a year and a half, and will continue to during school breaks. I loved that we were all part of a family, my son was loved and very well prepared for kindergarten. I am so thankful for Miss Molly, and the love she showed our family, the amazing care she provided for the children, and having sons herself, she knew what made him tick, and always had incredible advice for me. Miss Molly's Preschool was an incredible blessing in our lives.

Ashlee S

My son was a student at Miss Molly’s preschool from July of 2011 – August of 2014 and I couldn’t say enough good things about Miss Molly, her staff and the school.  My son LOVED going to Miss Molly’s Preschool!  He went every day with eagerness and on most occasions, did not want to leave at the end of the day.  Not only did my son gain tremendous social skills, his academic progress was astounding.  I was shocked by how much more my son seemed to know in comparison to other children his age that were not attending Miss Molly’s Preschool.  To say he thrived at Miss Molly’s Preschool would be an understatement and by the time he entered Kindergarten in August of 2014, his new Kindergarten teacher told me he was “by far the smartest kid in his class.” 

Miss Molly truly has a place in her heart for each of her children and it shines through all that she does.  She teaches love, respect, manners, friendship and she truly became part of our family.  As a parent, I enjoyed the small group feel and connected very well with the other parents.  We were truly all one big family and still get together today for events, fieldtrips, holidays and birthday parties. 

Rebecca W. 

Miss Molly is an amazing teacher.  She is caring, compassionate, understanding,

creative and patient.  She teaches in a structured but fun learning environment

along with many crafts and playtime. She teaches the kids what they need to know

academically as well as social skills for them to thrive in kindergarten.  She

is absolutely amazing I just wish I had found her sooner.  We have made friends

that we still keep in touch with even though they are all in different schools. 

Miss Molly's preschool is amazing I can't recommend it enough!!!  

Chandra J.

My name is Sean  and my son Michael was a student at Miss Molly's . Like all parents, I am very concerned and interested in where and whom is caring for my child when I am at work.At Miss Molly's your child will receive guidance, nurturing, education and lot's of fun and love. Michael was always happy to go and and was smiling when he was picked up.  I would highly recommend Molly for any child's needs. She is fantastic and I know I am not alone with my well earned praise of her and her school.







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